The chamber groups are formed at the beginning of each semester, and any students interested in taking part should audition in the fall.  For information about the audition and to sign up for a time, students should attend the Music Department Open House each fall during the orientation period. This year the open house will be on August 27, 2010, from 1 to 3 p.m. in the Music Department of the Danforth Campus.

The last chamber music concert was on May 4, 2010 at Graham Chapel.  Here is the program from that event:

Chamber Ensembles

Elizabeth Macdonald, director

May 4, 2010

Graham Chapel

8 p.m.






Quartet in E minor, op. 44 no. 2                                                Felix Mendelssohn  (1809-1847)

            I.  Allegro assai appassionato


Lily Kuo, violin  Biomedical Engineering, 2011

Jennifer Klauder, violin  Architecture, 2011

Wesley Chan, viola Mechanical Engineering, 2012

Christine Diepenbrock, cello  Environmental Studies and Geoscience, 2013



Quartet, op. 18, no. 3                                                            Ludwig van Beethoven  (1770-1827)

            IV.  Presto


Ambica Sastry, violin

Hallie Kretsinger, violin, Philosophy-Neuroscience-Psychology, 2011

Sam Clapp, violin  English, 2012

Noah Archibald-Seiffer, cello  Music, 2013



Three Madrigals

            Sovra tenere herbette                                                Claudio Monteverdi  (1567-1643)

                        (from Il Terzo Libro de Madrigali)

            Non fu senze                                                            John Ward  (c.1589-1638)

                        (from Italian Madrigal Fantasias)

            Crudel perchè                                                            John Coperario  (c.1570-1626)

                        (from Five-part Italian Madrigals)


WU Viol Consort

Elizabeth Macdonald, treble

Anita Hagerman, treble,

Hugh Macdonald, tenor

Erin Brooks, tenor  Ph.D, Musicology, 2010

Christopher Young, bass



Quartet, op. 59, no. 1                                                            Beethoven

            I.  Allegro


Min Yoo, violin  Biology, 2010

Daniel Bernard, violin  International business, Marketing, Chinese, 2012

Bennet Goeckner, viola  Mathematics, 2011

Alex Strauss, cello  Environmental Studies and Biology, 2011



Quartet op. 51, no. 1                                                            Johannes Brahms  (1833-1897)

            IV. Allegro


Kevin Chen, violin  Neuroscience, 2010

Minha Yoon, violin  English Literature, 2010

Nannan Zhang, viola   Biology, 2010

Sean Lourette, cello  Physics and Applied Mathematics, 2011



Quartet  in G minor, op. 27                                                Edvard Grieg  (1843-1907)

            IV. Lento.  Presto al Saltarello


Jonathan Novack, violin  B.Sc., M Sc. in Computer Engineering, 2011

Melanie Mohn, violin  English, 2010

Katherine Langdon, viola  Classics (Honors) and Archaeology, 2010

Alex Kahler, cello  B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, M.Sc. in Aeronautical Engineering, 2011







For people interested in engaging a student or professional string group, please contact: 314-935-5581.

For students interested in strings at Washington University, there are several options to consider. Private lessons are offered for violin, viola, cello, viola da gamba and bass. Advanced players should consider auditioning for the ensembles at WU. The symphony orchestra, conducted by Dan Presgrave, meets weekly and gives four concerts per year. The chamber orchestra, conducted by Elizabeth Macdonald, performs two concerts per year, early in each semester. The small chamber ensembles have weekly coaching and perform on and off campus, occasionally for professional engagements.

Students who are interested in auditioning for the chamber orchestra, or other ensembles in the Music Department  should visit the WU Music Department for audition requirements and dates.  The annual open house for entering students wishing to find out about performance opportunities at WU is at the Music Department during the orientation period for new students each fall. Also, there is a complete calendar of music events and information about music courses available on the department web site.